Only some Pictures.

Update, new stuff about my boyfriend and me:

my boyfriend

you tast good my sleepy darling

my lovley freak

should I say something about it?

it feels so good to be with you

freak out right now!

I think you don´t know  what I mean, do you?

Hey, I fix you ^^

deep love, sweet kiss, like to feel you this way

darling? What do you think about me?


you are so cute grizzly

New Stuff:

sleepy me


other side

two colours

even waked up

little red cobold



wait for a change

feel wild



would you trust me in everything?

erste Fotos aus Dresden, mööööp


 Thats me!




Look into my eyes                                                                         I think it´s cold

I´ve got a new piercing at this picture

Spring is coming
Spring is coming ||

Spring is coming |||
Spring is coming |V

Lying in grass

Lying in grass ||

Sun comes up to you

smells like spring

look at me

hide I
hide ||

The blue ones

peach-tree ||

peach-tree |||

found you
I watch you exactly

I know it all..
What du you think, baby?

kissing the Cherries

Catch it

Get it!

Eat it

play with it


My Tattoo:

Art by  Rock (Herr Fels)

Made by Mr Rock alias Herr Fels

Ways of taking photos

The End of all
                                                                                                       The End II

  hide  III
                                                                                                                                        hide IV


And now the Special:



The Coffee drinking TEAM

And also the Tooth-Brush-Team

The Thinking-Team









My owm Art:

 My room:

I like it

My funny cupboard

My Skyline ^^

My Wall



Something else:

Playing with food



the sexual raining

  Schwanger   Spider

Motte Motte 2

Busen.. verbesserungswürdig

Drawn Tattoo

The JoLI frog

My flying Coco

My ear


Yeah.. Tossens at Night

My Feet in sand



can you see it? It´s raining man!!

it´s raining man II

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